Tuesday, October 28, 2008

the snakepit's decor

Special thanks to Maven for the bad ass heading at the snakepit!

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Monday, October 27, 2008

Liner Notes

Good Afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen,

Snake Child at your service. I'm a twenty-something music fanatic - I love playing it, listening to it and the lifestyle that goes with it. This blog won't just be about what songs/albums I'm listening to this week - it will have plenty of that - but it will also give my take on the attitude of songs and the pure bad assness that may or may not jive with riffs, beats, lyrics, etc. New instruments, music videos, leather goods...If it rocks or really sucks, you can probably find it at the snakepit.

I started as one of those kids who starts beating down on couch cushions, pots and pans, human flesh, etc. I was about four at the time. My love of music stemmed from there...I naturally gravitated toward the drums since I loved to hit things with wooden sticks. From there, I joined the school band when I was nine, learned how to read music and begin formal training with all things percussion. I was able to learn the rudimentary playing methods for lots o' instruments. I got lightly made fun of by peers and such, but it was all good. I knew that came with being in the school band. I gave up the school band thing when I was 12 and moved to the pursue the garage band thing. It's been a crazy journey ever since. Meeting nutty people, weird biker chicks, lots of guys with mullets and really talented dudes.

My main overall musical genre is rock, baby...I can talk music for days. Hair metal, heavy metal, bluesy, hard rock, grunge - you name it, I have an opinion. Drop me a line if you ever disagree with anything or think something rocks.

WELCOME TO the snakepit!