Friday, November 21, 2008

Appetite For Anticpation

Wow...the day is actually upon us. A few hours from now, W. Axl Rose's rock/nu metal masterpiece, Chinese Democracy will hit store shelves. Exclusively at Best Buy, of course!

I had all but given up on this CD. When the album was first announced, casettes were still in production. I was real skeptical about this album since I saw GNR II in concert. It blew. No Izzy, Slash, Steven Adler/Matt Sorum and of course Duff. I mean the new lineup really sucked live, but they must be better studio musicians...

After hearing a few cuts off the album, I was really impressed. I wanted to hate the album so bad, but Axl knows how to make his fans crave his music - and he has done so. His tracks are tight with a lot more electronic influenece on the sound. Certainly not as raw as Appetite and Lies.

Here is the title track:

Maybe a year from now, Slash and the gang will leave Velvet Revolver completely behind and go back to Axl. For now, we must deal with Buckethead...